Six Quick WordPress Tips for every Beginner

Note. The edit screen is currently in light blue color with the quite new interface. It is necessary thatyou return to the classic editor for you to maximize these tips. Around the bottom right of the edit screen, you will find an option to return to the classic editor

  1. To make a hyperlink in your post that references an older post?

In order not to type out the URL or search for it in another window, make use of the search for other content arrow in the link bar. Pick your choice link and click ADD LINK. You don’t have to bother yourself checking the box “open in a new window” when making reference to your own site. Actually, that can make mobile users uncomfortable. Just utilize that when you need to take somebody to a website page different from your own.

  1. At the upper right side of the screen, you will find the screen option tab for more options on your post screen.

Would you like to change the author or fine-tune the commenting style? Ensure all the options in the screen option tab are activated. In so doing, they will show up as options underneath your post to turn on/off or edit.

  1. Your theme may boost a format option on the right hand side.

The layout, look of your post is changed by these options. The WordPress default theme makes use of formats. Choose from the available options to change the format of the page to fit the kind of media you desire to show.

  1. You can make “private” posts that are just accessible to predetermined users.

Using the, you can customize your whole blog by making it private, only on self-hosted, the best way to secure and hide content is just to set a password on it. In order to effect this change, click on visibility. A box will show up that permits you to write in a password the you click OK.

  1. You can schedule your post in advance.

Simply ensure that your timestamp is corresponding with your current time zone. Newer versions of WordPress are experiencing difficulty with this feature, so on the off chance that you can’t get it to work, it may not be your fault! To change the Timezone, go to Settings > General.

  1. Compose an excerpt (enable it in the post screen option) to personalize how your post shows up around the web.

In the event that you are utilizing an SEO plugin, it’s known as the meta description. The major distinction between the two: The excerpt box will only show if you have your blog post set to an excerpt format, while the SEO meta description only appears in Google search results or in spots where you shared the link (like on social media). The excerpt will appear in RSS feeders.

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